Artemis Project

The US has been debating building a base on the Moon for a long time.  It looks like they have finally settled on actually doing it!

Why?  According to the NASA website, “NASA’s science, technology and human exploration activities touch every aspect of our lives here on Earth and we want to extend our presence to the farthest corners of the universe. In doing so, we will maintain America’s leadership in space.”

I’m sure it would be greatly beneficial to have a permanent research base on the moon.  We’d learn so much about not only the surface but also core samples, effects of the moon on the earth, how to survive in space without gravity, and provide an outpost to Mars or further into space.

NASA is predicting that by 2028 we will have “Sustainable Human Lunar Presence”.

NASA and its industry and international partners plan to have a steady cadence of astronaut expeditions to the Gateway and lunar surface, with increased Gateway capabilities and reusable landing systems.

This is interesting stuff!  Read more about it on the NASA website:


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