Slackline for the Whole Family

If you haven’t tried slacklining, it’s time to find a line!  These 1- to 2-inch wide strips of nylon webbing function a bit like a low-to-the-ground wobbly tightrope.

It’s their wobble that makes them so challenging, requiring greater muscular engagement as you attempt to maintain your balance as you stand, walk or even perform tricks on the line.

Even if you’re a balance master, don’t expect to be an automatic success with slacklining. The first time I gave it a try, my best attempt was just five steps… and I worked hard to get it done. The good news is that you don’t have to be an automatic success to enjoy the benefits of slacklining. The built-in balance challenge alone makes it an excellent way to activate multiple muscle groups, particularly the smaller stabilizing muscles of your hips and shoulders, as well as your core.

In addition to perpetual attempts to walk the length of the line there are a TON of other great workout ideas to help you workout your core.  Try some of the following basic workouts on the slackline to help you hit your core even more intensely.

1. Staggered squat

2. Mountain climbers

3. Split squat

4. Pushup

5. Heel raise

6. Unstable bridge

7. Plank

8. Side plank

9. Crunch


Once you master the basic workouts on the slackline and begin walking comfortably on it, there is a whole world of fun to be had!  See what the future may have in store for your slackline workouts in this homemade video:


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